Day #7 January 7, 2013


Run Time: 1 hour

Mileage: 7.5 – 8 miles

Felt good on the run today.  A good tune-up run.  I went a little faster on this run so the most of the mileage records are based on the amount of time I run and the estimated speed I’m going at because I don’t have a GPS watch.  Anyway, tomorrow I go back to school and that’s when track conditioning starts so the workout information won’t always be in the format it’s been in the last few posts (Run Time, Mileage) but I’ll post the workout I did and my splits.

I also realized I didn’t explain WHY I’m doing this challenge.  I’m doing this “run 360 days” because my cross country/track coach told me that one of the greatest cross country/running coaches in the world coached some woman who ended winning bronze in the Olympics for a marathon.  He told me she ran 360 days for 8 years (I’m pretty sure he said 8 as I recall) so I figured that if she could do it for 8 years, I could do it for 1 year and I thought about how much that would help me for cross country so I now am on this “journey”.



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