Day #8 January 8, 2013


Workout (done on the track):


4 laps of “straights and bends” (stride the straights, training run pace the turns)


Strength Routine (50 situps, 50 pushups)

Total RUN Time: 24 minutes

Total mileage (including warm up and cooldown): 3 miles

First day of official track conditioning.  My left hamstring kind of hurt today with a sort of pinching/stabbing feeling throughout the day.  I stretched as much as I could and I felt it less during the workout.  Today also showed me that this 360 days of running thing is going to be a lot harder and the previous 7 days of running definitely took it’s toll on me today.  I rolled and iced afterwards (which I hadn’t done for about 3 weeks) and now I’m planning on finishing my homework fast and get a lot of sleep tonight.



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