Day #10 January 10, 2013




Hurdle Drills

2 mile tempo run (splits 5:59 and 6:26)


Total mileage: about 4 miles

Total Run Time: about 30 minutes

So I didn’t feel that great today as in I felt like I would throw up if I did an all out sprint.  I wasn’t really bothering me so I decided to run anyway.  I did my tempo run (which turned more into a VO2 max workout) and I felt okay in the end.  I didn’t mean to go that fast in the beginning I was just doing what I felt like was good when my coach told me slow down so I slowed down (and frankly I was getting tired haha).  After the workout I didn’t really feel all that sore or tired (with the exception of a minor belly ache) which I guess is a good thing since my 5k 2 mile time is a little more than 12:25 (I’m pretty sure), so not feeling well and being able to do what I did is, I guess, a good sign that I can be faster.

That aside I had a little episode today that is worth mentioning (and isn’t personal at all).  I came home and started to cook my dinner and as I started eating, I started to shiver because I was cold.  I hadn’t taken a shower yet because I was going to do it afterwards and eventually my mom told me to take a warm shower but while and after I was done, I kept shivering uncontrollably.  It wasn’t like a seizure and I didn’t feel like I was going to faint or fall, but I was just shivering uncontrollably.  After my shower, I dressed in 3 warm layers and went in my bed to try and warm myself up with the blanket.  I kept shivering until I fell asleep.

Now that I am awake, I’m not shivering anymore and I’m pretty warm right now with all these layers and my blanket.  My dad says it was a body ache, so I did my own research, but I didn’t find anything about shivering uncontrollably related to a body ache.  My muscles are a little sore, but that’s from doing 50 pushups and running for 10 days straight.  So I have no idea.  I don’t feel sick though.  I don’t have a fever for it to be the flu and I don’t have any other symptoms for it to be anything else.

Then my mom says that it was simply because I was cold and since I hadn’t taken a shower and I was sweating and being in the house (we don’t turn on the heater) got me too cold so I started shivering.

Hopefully I can run tomorrow and I’ll be able to go to school.  If you have any thoughts about what it may be, please leave a comment:) Thanks



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