Day #14 January 14, 2013


Run Time: 37 minutes
Mileage: about 4 miles

Run Time: 49 minutes
Mileage: about 4 – 5 miles
Warm – up
2 mile training run
6 X 80m hill sprints
2 mile training run
Stretch and ice

Total Run Time: 86 miutes
Total mileage: about 8 miles

Had a double day today it felt great overall. The morning was super cold but it was fun running with a teammate again. In the afternoon, we had a “pure speed” workout to help with the speed part of track. It was a little weird though because I’m so used to cross country workouts where it’s something like 400m then 1 minute recovery, whereas track is more like 80 or 100 m with 3-5 minute recovery.
Overall a great day but I will definitley be feeling the hill sprints tomorrow 🙂




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