Day #28 January 28, 2012 “New Season”



Warm Up

2 -ish mile run

8 hill sprints

2 – ish mile run

2 minutes of crunches

Total Run Time: 59 minutes

Total Mileage:  about 5 or 6 – ish miles

Today was the start of a new track season.  It was wonderful too.  The weather was great, I had just finished a test, and it was pretty fun being around my teammates.  The sprinting felt good but I feel like I’m definitely going to feel them tomorrow because they did hurt towards the 5th hill sprint.  Tomorrow morning I’m also going to be doing a pool workout which i hate doing but it’s what’s on the schedule.


Also look out for the monthly video blog soon.  I might do it tonight or tomorrow but it all depends on the amount of time I have.

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