Day #29 January 29, 2013 “The Learning Curve”


First off, I’m changing the format of these posts now just to keep things more interesting.

After the workout yesterday, my legs felt super sore today.  The morning pool workout was just a regular pool workout and wasn’t that bad since today was supposed to be a hard day.  My coach still made me go hard during the track workout and explained to me that it’s just the learning curve of track.  It’s called “being in the suck”.  See, this is my first year of track because I’ve been doing cross country since 6th grade and I’ve also played tennis in the spring but I decided to give up tennis for track to help me improve in cross country.  I can say that I hate track already.  The workouts are a lot different from cross country.

My coach pushed me today to run with the fastest guy in the distance crew (although I ran less laps I tried to stick with him in the laps I did run with him).  I honestly don’t think I’ve ever hurt more before but it’s a learning curve and it will pay off in the end.


Warm – up

Hurdle Drills

2k with first 400 at about mile pace and 4 laps of straights and bends  1200 m with first 400 at about mile pace and 2 laps of straights and bends but much faster.  Splits for fast 400: 74 sec, 75 sec, 73 sec


Total Run Time: 51 minutes

Total Mileage: about 5 miles

Again, the whole thing hurt a ton but going at around 75 sec for the 400’s is pretty darn good for me.



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