Day #31 January 31, 2013 “More Days in the Suck”


To be honest, I was not looking forward to today’s workout.  It only got worse when my coach asked us if we would rather do 5 mile repeats at threshold pace or 3 miles at a faster pace.  We (as a team) chose the latter and it was pretty hard.  I wasn’t feeling amazing but I was pleasantly surprised with what I did.  I had to go at sub 6 minute pace and achieved that for the first 2 miles and then my coach let me go a little easier on the last set.  I paced the girls at around 6:30 pace for the fist two laps and then went off for the last 800.  Overall it was a tiring day and I feel like I got some more “skill points” in my persistence.


Warm – Up

Hurdle Drills

3 x mile (1600) splits: 5:52, 5:55, 6:07


Core Strength

Total Run Time: 45 minutes

Total Mileage: about 5.5 miles

Hard, Hot, Day



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