Day #56 “I Hate Surprises… And Swimming”

Monday, February 25, 2013

At the beginning of the day, it didn’t feel like any old Monday.  No, today felt special.  Today felt awesome!  I didn’t even mind the pool workout even though I was reminded of how much I sucked at swimming (ESPECIALLY treading water).  As the day went on, it got better.    I didn’t despise my classes at all or moan at the sight of the homework board.  I was genuinely happy to be back at school.

Then I had a very unpleasant surprise.  I thought today was going to be a nice trail run at my favorite trail, but that got canceled.  Instead my coach gave us the DEATH workout (the 4 x 100m 1600, 4 x 100m 1200, 4 x 100m 800, 4 x 100m 400 which I did about three weeks ago).  Now I’m not writing to complain, but I will say I DID NOT want to do the workout.  It was unexpected and totally threw me off.  In the end, I did it and I actually did surprisingly well.  The pool workout in the morning definitely took some “life force” out of me, but the workout actually didn’t feel quite as hard as last time (although I did sit out one lap during the 1200).  I went slightly slower but still maintained a sub 6 minute mile pace (except the first mile).  I was mostly supposed to pace the one of the girls (because all the others were at the trail because they got the memo too late).

As I write this, I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining now because I ‘m not.  At the time, yeah, but now I’m really glad I did the workout.  I feel better now that I did it, although I’m too sure about the whole “increase mileage” thing this week, since I only went to about 6 miles today, but we’ll see as the week goes on.


Warm – Up

Hurdle Drills

4 x 100m 1600 (6:10)

4 x 100m 1200 (or 800 total split being 2:56)

4 x 100m 800 (2:52)

4 x 100m 400 (75 s)



Total Run Time: 42 minutes

Total Mileage: about 6 miles



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