Day #62 “Another Sunday”

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Today was another one of those “nothing special”, “I can’t think of anything to say”, and “I didn’t feel like running” days.  I still ran, course, but with some possible bad news.  I MAY have a shin splint in my left shin.  It doesn’t feel that bad and it’s really on and off because I felt it for a little bit then didn’t feel it at all.  I’ve done my research and I don’t think I really have to take a break.  It doesn’t seem serious and doesn’t even hurt.  It’s more of a “I can feel my leg” kind of feeling (which is really weird to say that way).  I’ll probably just be icing it more often and stretching.  I’m sure I’ll be fine 🙂

And with that, I guess I actually did have something to talk about 🙂

Run Time: 20 minutes

Mileage: 2.3 (something like that) miles



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