Day #63 “The Week’s Looking Good”

Monday, March 4, 2013

For a Monday, today was pretty awesome.  We had a harder workout today, which sounds like death, but actually isn’t really like the “death workout”.  We did 12 x 400m so 3 miles at about 2 mile pace.  I had to skip out like 8th one because my stomach wasn’t being very happy.  It actually weird since I don’t recall eating anything that would make me kind of nauseous; in fact I didn’t eat anything within an hour and a half of practice (like normal) so I’m not sure.  I was also kind of tired.  I think after 62 days straight of running, you start to feel all those miles in your legs.  I took it easy yesterday but I might have to take one again tomorrow.  I’m actually thinking about using one of my “break” days after Friday’s race just to rest up my leg and take a break.

Speaking about my maybe shin splints, it actually felt okay today.  I ran on the turf right next to the track during the workout so it didn’t really hurt.  I’m still icing and doing these “goofy” walks that stretch out that area or something.  So, for now, I think I’ll be okay.


Warm – Up
Hurdle Drills
4 laps of “straights and bends”
12 x 400m (83, 88, 90, 90, 90, 87, 88, x, 88, 85, 84, 82)

Total Run Time: about 40 minutes

Total Mileage: about 5 miles

















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