Day #71 “3 Meets… 7 Days”

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tomorrow marks the first official school meet and it’s a duel meet (meaning one school against another school).  At this point I’m not so nervous about tomorrow, and I’ve been trying to teach myself to not be nervous.  I mean, it’s okay to be nervous but I hate the feeling of being nervous and I find myself just being superstitious and I sometimes go way off pace, etc.  I’m running the mile tomorrow and my only real concern is the weather since it’s supposed to be hotter than today (and today was pretty darn warm) on top of my still recovering shin splints.

My plan for tomorrow is to have faith in my pace and go around the 80’s for every lap.  Not dip down into 71 then fall back to 85 the second lap.  If I went 80 every lap, that’s a 5:20 mile.  My fastest mile that was kind of a race (not really. more like a time trial) was 5:24 and that was sometime in December.  My pacing was way off in that trial so I’m teaching myself to have faith in my pace.  I’m going to stay at 80 or 82 every lap and if I can go faster the last lap, then I will.  If I can’t then I’ll still hit 5:20.

Besides tomorrow’s meet, I actually have another meet on Saturday, which is an invitational, and I’m running the mile as a part of a distance medley which will be interesting.  Next Wednesday, I have another meet where I’m not sure what I’m going to run, but I’m sure I’ll be pretty tired from it.  I’m planning on going really all out on Saturday and try to hit 5 flat or under for the mile.  We’ll see how it goes.

Workout (prerace):
Morning: 1.5 mile run and pool
2 mile run
8 x 50m strides
0.5 mile run
stretching, rolling, icing

Run Time: something like 35 minutes

Mileage: little over 4 miles



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