Day #77 “Setting the Bar”

Monday, March 18, 2013

Since there’s another dual meet on Wednesday (and the fact that it’s still early season), we had a hard(er) workout today.  There were a lot more “steps” to this workout which did make it take longer, but it felt pretty good, and it was more speed focused stuff which I need to work on.  But you can see the workout and how I did at the end of this post.

I wanted to touch on (and later go into more detail as another part of the Keep Your Head Up! posts) about setting goals for yourself or “the bar”.  As much as I want to get that sub 5 minute mile, I need to take smaller steps towards it.  I think the main source of some of my sadness is that I set the bar too high for myself and expecting to hit 5 flat when in reality I just can’t yet.  I need to be more gradual about it which means that if I end up running the mile on Wednesday, I’m gonna just be going for sub 5:30.  I know I can do it because I’ve done it before, but I at the same time, I have to learn to pace myself.  If I get under 5:30, I’ll be happy.  If I break 5:24 for a new PR, I’ll be even happier, but I’m not pressuring myself into getting that time.

Hurdle Drills
1600m straights and bends
2 x 40, 60, 80 m @ All Out Sprint
3 x 600 m, 150 m, 150 m (600’s at 1:50’s, 1:59, 2:00)
1600 m tempo (6:25)

Run Time (estimated):  Something like 40 minutes

Mileage:  Something like 6 miles – ish



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