Day #79 “…And Loving What I Do”

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Today’s weather was pretty awesome. It’s not too common I praise the weather but, my God, it was wonderful today. Overcast, but not freezing or hot or humid. There were openings in the clouds that beautifully let out light in the distance (my school’s on a hill so we have a pretty nice view). But what does the have to do with running Sam?
It made for a pretty awesome race.

I wasn’t feeling my best today. I was still sore from Monday’s workout and doing strides during warm-ups hurt. I talked to my coach and she told me to just pace the 3200m (2 mile) at 90s per lap, so 12 minute flat pace. If I felt good, I could go hard the last 800m or if I felt good earlier, I could go for a PR (personal record).
Despite, my doubts about the race, I actually felt pretty good and the weather was fantastic for racing and I felt focused while I was racing. I could still feel the soreness and the last 3 laps were really really hard and painful, but in the end, I got a PR of 11:49 and even let out a yell of victory at the end because I was so happy. My teammates did well and I’m proud of them too.

It just shows that you can do more than you think you can do. You always can, but you have to trust yourself and your pace to reach that potential. In the end, you will feel victorious and awesome and loving what you do.

3200 m: 11:49



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