Day #92 “Knowing”

Tuesday, April 2 , 2013

Today, my friend and I went on a fantastic night run on the beach.  If you’ve never had a night run on the beach, make an effort to do so because it is wonderfully beautiful.  This was my second time doing it and it’s awesome.
Tomorrow may not be quite as fun however.  Not that running isn’t fun, but because I just found out what the workout was going to be (as my coach sent me one).  It’s quite scary, but it just kind of brought up some questions.  Is it better to know or be somewhat “surprised”.  Knowing could get you super nervous, but not knowing could not properly prepare you for what’s to come.  I’m mostly talking about workouts and running in this sense and actually, I’m not entirely sure it applies, but it’s just a “free thinking” moment I had with myself.

Run Time: 48 minutes

Mileage: roughly 6 miles (a little under)



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