Day #109 “It’s Friendly Competition”

Friday, April 19, 2013

The coaches were absent from practice today since they were at a Top 8 invitational where some of my teammates were running and they seemed to have done pretty darn well.  They all hit their PR or hit new PRs from what my coach has reported and I have to say, awesome job guys!!  If you’re reading, I’m super happy for you.
Along with happiness, the news also brought some friendly competition in my mind.  My 11:49 2 mile was broken by one of my teammates who ran an 11:48 and other friend hit her 5:20 PR again, which I have yet to break :p  My coach once said something along the lines of, competition against other schools and other people you don’t know is one thing, but competition against your friends and teammates is another.
He is right though.  I feel more obligated to beat my friends rather than other people from other schools.  That’s not to say that I have a hint of animosity towards them because I absolutely don’t, it’s just a weird sort of thing I can’t explain.  I love my teammates and my friends and if they beat my times, it gives me all the more motivation to beat it again.  It’s like being on a hard journey with someone who pushes you to do better.

About the workout, today was more of a speed day so I did an 800 workout.  I’ve done this workout about a week or two ago, but today was  lot hotter, but I think I did better in this one.  I hit the same 300 time in the end, but all my splits were negative on the way up the ladder.  Along with longer warm-ups and cool downs, it was a good workout.

Hurdle Drills
300-250-200-150-100-50-100-150-200-250-300@800 Goal Pace w/2 minute recovery inbetween
Splits: (53-44-35-26-16-9-16-24-33-42-51)
Cool Down

Run Time: about 1 hour 1 minute
Mileage:  about 6 miles



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