Day #116-117 “No Excuses”

Saturday and Sunday, April 27 and 28, 2013

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been combining some of my “days” or posts (whatever you would like to call them).  The case will generally be that when I have something to say (advice or an experience, etc.) I will post.  It will generally be about 2 days per post.  I’m mostly doing this so I don’t have to do 360 days of blogging, because I’m pretty crunched on time and I’m busy, and so you guys don’t have to read a boring post and read about how tired I am or how lazy I am all the time.  It’s really to keep you guys from being bored from my posts and for me to save some time.


I woke up early on Saturday to go run.  I didn’t want to, but because I had community service for most of the day starting at 8 am, I knew I wouldn’t have time to run later so I woke up at 6 to go run (originally at 5:30, but of course, I fell back asleep).  I went pretty easy since I was sore from Friday’s workout and it was nice and cold and foggy outside, which I love.
During the run, I recalled a talk I had with my coach about the 360 days of running “program” and he said if there is anything that your “program” says, it’s that there really aren’t any excuses not to run.  Of course that’s not entirely literal since you can’t really run in a hurricane or earthquake, but it means that you can make time for running.  If you have something going on the whole day, you can wake up early and run.  Lot’s of homework?  Take a 20-40 minute study break and go run because you probably aren’t studying the whole time anyway.  There are no excuses.

RT: 32 minutes
M: about 4 miles (more like 3.8 ish)


My legs were still a bit sore today and I felt really sluggish so I took it easy again today and stretched a LOT.  Tomorrow’s a morning workout so I don’t have to workout in the heat of the spring season.  I’m really looking forward to Wednesday’s meet.

RT: 20 minutes
M: a little over 2 miles



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