Day #260 “And Then There Were 100”

Yes, I am 100 days from finishing my goal of running 360 days this year.  It’s been an incredible journey so far and I’m glad that I got to share it with some of my closest friends and with all of you who read.  But instead of making another long list of “thank you”s or posting another motivation post about never giving up or something, I’m going to reminisce a little bit on what this challenge has done for me.

I’ve said this more than once, but starting this challenge/program taught me how to discipline myself.  It taught me how to train smart and to stay committed.  Running went from being something I loved doing to a lifestyle.  I run everyday like it’s my daily meal or school.
That is how I’ve mostly benefited from this challenge besides the obvious training and health benefits.
At this point though, I am feeling really really really tired.  I feel like the training has caught up to me and I’m just tired during workouts all the time lately (although I don’t perform terribly in them, in fact I still do pretty well, I’m just tired and feel heavy when I do them).  My coach told me to read a book called Once a Runner and I have yet to read it, but I’ve been told it’s life-changing and I’m guessing it somehow relates to my tiredness from training.

So that’s about it.  9 months of running and what it’s done for me so far.  It doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you’re struggling to discipline yourself to run more often or if you want to be more fit, having a challenge like 100 days of running or 360 days of running would be something to consider.  It’s hard and takes a while to accomplish, but I’m sure it will feel amazing when you’re done.

Looking ahead, I’m not worried about any of my races except the ones that matter which are the 3rd League Meet, hopefully CCS, and even more hopefully state.  I’m going to train like I have been, wearing myself out (but keeping it controlled) until I have to taper and we’ll see what happens afterwards.



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