Day #330 “The Last Month”

Day #330

It’s finally the last month of the year 2013.  I’ve ran 330 days this year and now I only have 30 days left before I will have accomplished my goal.  Accomplishing a goal may not sound all that special but for me, it’s just about one of the only goals I will have accomplished.
Throughout my life I’ve always said things like “I’m going to write a book!” or “I’m going to learn the ukulele and be super good at it!”  I still haven’t done either of those and a year ago when I told my coach “I’m going to run for 360 days in 2013”, I never would have imagined coming this far.  So yes, this is a really really really big deal for me and I’m thankful that so many people have been a part of it even if they don’t realize it.
My teammates kept me busy for most of the year so I didn’t even have to think about how many more days I had until 2013 was over.  I definitely couldn’t do this without them.  They made running even more fun for me and made this challenge less of a chore.  All of you who read this blog have also played a huge part in this goal.  You guys hold me accountable for running everyday and I know I should have posted more often, but when I put a post up you guys read it.

So thank you.  Thank you all who read this, my teammates,  and my coaches.  I wouldn’t have made it this far without you.
Here’s to the last month.

Sam 🙂


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