Day #339 “Nate”

Day #339

My friend, Nate, ran in the California International Marathon yesterday and ended up qualifying for the Boston Marathon.  He’s been training for about 10 months and the things he’s been through this year are tremendous.  It’s a miracle he’s still around really.  He’s a cancer survivor, high school student, and he’s really had a huge influence on my life and my running.

Most people tend to take breaks after marathons and Nate told me towards the last week of November that running was starting to become a pain and that he was getting sick of it and was going to take the rest of December off after the marathon.  It’s only been a day and he wants to run again as soon as possible.  Nate is special.  He’s a special kind of runner that was never made to run, but perhaps born to run.  It’s almost as if it’s hardwired into his brain, like he has to run or he’ll die.  That’s what I love about him.  People like Nate are the people who make me want to run, and his achievement in the marathon only makes me want to run even more.  People like Nate remind me of why I run.  Hearing about their achievements and their breakthroughs gets me giddy and I start daydreaming about being able to run like they do and enjoy it as much.

So congratulations, Nate, for your amazing achievement.  It’s been a crazy year for you, but you’ve made it.  You are awesome.  Thanks for being such an awesome friend.



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