What to do now…

What do I do now?  My simple answer is: keep running.  Yes, it’s quite a vague and anticlimactic answer, but that’s what I’m going to do.  Set some new goals, blog some more, and keep on running.

My general goals for 2014 are:
1. Start incorporating regular core and strength routines into my schedule
2. Eat healthier (surprise, this one’s probably on you’re list too)
3. Blog at least once a week
4. Run 5 minute flat mile (breaking 5 would be nice)
5. Run sub 11 minute 2 mile
6. Run the wharf-to-wharf 10k this summer
7. Run a half marathon (or full marathon if I can)

New shoes... new adventures...

New shoes… new adventures…

And now reflecting on 2013…

2013 felt like a year of learning for me.  I was learning to time manage, discipline myself, have fun running again, and work hard.  360 days of running is pretty much the thing that taught me all of that.  Everyday I had to balance my schedule with school and sports and other recreational activities.  I had to run when it was cold, hot, windy, when I was sick, and when I was on vacation.  I had to remember why I began running in the first place and that being angry and stressed would only hurt me.  I learned that if I really want something, I can get it, but I have to work hard.
The things 2013 taught me are invaluable and I am extremely glad that my coach helped me get started on this journey and my friends were there for it.  Even though I was tired and I had to learn some things the harder way, I wouldn’t have wanted to learn any other way.

And that’s all I have to say about that.
Happy 2014 everyone!  Thanks for reading!



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