The Track Chronicles 2014 – One: The First Real Workout

February 11, 2014

As I write this, it was yesterday when we had our first real track workout.  We’ve done 10x400s and fast 8x200s, but today was the very missed mile repeat workout.  3 miles at 2 mile pace.  Of course, the pace means more of what you should be feeling rather than the actual times you should be hitting.  It’s still early in the season so it takes some time to adjust.

I ran mine around 5:40-5:50 and then ended with a 6:00, which I wasn’t sad about actually because the first two reps were good and I hadn’t ever run that fast in a mile repeat workout before.  The last mile, I was hurting and I decided to try and negative split.  I was successful, but I hit the 800 at 3:03 and then finished the second 800 at 2:57.
After the workout I was thinking about hurting and pushing myself even further every workout.  What could I do to really reap the benefits of every workout?  I’ve decided to take everything else slower (recovery runs, warm ups, etc.) and do the workouts harder.  I’m not entirely sure of it’s effectiveness or the real science behind it, but logically it makes sense.

This season, I’ve decided to make it my goal to train smart and hard.  Don’t do the extra 3 miles if you’re incredibly tired.  Roll and ice everyday you can.  Sleep a lot. Eat better. Don’t be a wimp and give every workout everything and in the races, give even more.  It’s not an original theme or goal at all, but it’s definitely an important one.


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