The Track Chronicles 2014 – Two: California Winter

February 21, 2014

While just about everywhere else in the US is freezing over, California is just fine and dandy.  Actually, it’s sometimes a little hot over here.  It’ll be cold and overcast for a week and then the next week will be in the 70’s (Fahrenheit).  It’s a little surreal to me thinking about just how cold and snowy it is everywhere else since I’ve lived in California for the majority of my life.  Besides the occasional trips to Tahoe, I don’t see snow.

This week pretty much summed up everything about a California Winter.  Running on the beach without a shirt, waiting until the afternoon to run so it isn’t as hot, regretting running in the middle of the day when it’s hottest; it might as well have been summer.  I’ve had to do the workouts on my own without a track (although a beach is nothing to be complaining about) since I’m on vacation in southern California this week.  I did three this week and the first one pretty much ruined the other ones since it left me tired and sore.  Actually, I’m still tired.



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