The Track Chronicles – Seven: The Most Important Season

May 7, 2014

Finally, there is only one week left of track and field.  There’s been a lot of emotions and trials throughout this season, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it.  For me, track isn’t so much about the times or the races.   Track is my escape from school and other tiring things in my life.  It’s the time I get to hang out with friends and be there for them through good and bad races.  If there’s anything valuable track has taught me, it’s to be there for other people.

I am not a really fast runner.  This season has been slower overall than the last season and has also been infinitely more frustrating.  However, I’ve learned to suck it up; a bad season for me doesn’t mean a bad season for my teammate.  If they have a bad race, I need to be there for them.  If someone is trying to have a breakthrough, I have to help them reach that breakthrough.  As much as track is an individual sport, as in your performance is individual, it’s also a team sport.  Everyone on the team contributes to a score or contributes to the reputation of their school or country (depending on how professional you are).  For me, my individual performance was lackluster, but that doesn’t mean it should affect my support and love for my team.

So this last season may not be valuable to me in terms of how I did, but it is probably the most important season of running I’ve ever had in my life so far.  I learned to get through burnouts, the importance of supporting each other, and most of all, I remembered to love running.



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