Summer Weeks 1-4: The Suck… again

After the track season ended, I took a week off.  As much as I wanted to run during that week, I did everything in my power to resist.  I didn’t want to risk burning out again, especially after I had gotten over being burnt out.  Of course, not running for a week can also put you out of shape.  Not so out of shape where you’ve gained a few pounds, but out of shape enough to where a couple miles can really suck.

That’s what the first couple weeks were like.  Get out of bed, run for a couple miles or as long as I could and hang out for the rest of the day.  I didn’t go past five miles the first two weeks (the farthest I went was 4.67).  The third week was slightly better; I went for a few 7 mile runs that didn’t feel like my legs were made of bricks.

The fourth week, I was back into it.  Morning trail runs didn’t kill me and double days didn’t leave me spent.  Right now, the training plan is looking like cross training for once a week and trail runs in the mornings.  The plan is to build up base mileage again before I start tempo runs and workouts.

Happy trails 🙂


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