Written on Day #96 “A Mystery”

So if you haven’t read Day #96, I suggest that you read it before reading this because I will refer a little to that post, but also because it has to do with this “inspirational topic”.

Something I’ve learned over the last few months is to trust my body with running.  When you feel sore in the middle of a race or if you feel like you can’t hit a certain mile split in the 5k, that’s listening to yourself saying “I can’t do it”.  In reality, you can (to an extent of course).  Your mind tells you that you can’t hit a certain mile time or 5k time or that you can’t go on, because it’s probably use to being comfortable. You are used to being comfortable and expecting the expected so when you feel uncomfortable during a race or if you encounter something unexpected (like a faster split in the mile race) then you probably want to go back to that comfort or what you deem “your pace”.  Sometimes, you have to see these moments as your body saying, “let me show you what I can do”.
——   Of course this is to an extent because it doesn’t apply to situations where you absolutely sprint the first 400m of something and expect to hold on because chances are you won’t.  Chances are you won’t hit a sub 4 minute mile if you go out 56 the first 400 when you are normally a 4:50 miler.

Today, (referring to Day #96) my body told me I could do more than the workout told me to do.  My date pace is technically around 5:20 for a mile (as of right now), but my body told me that I could go faster than 5:20 if I really wanted to.
In the end, it’s all mental.  You have to be smart (of course) with when and what you do according to what you are telling yourself, but you have to ignore some things.  Sometimes you have to step out of the norm and go a little more than you THINK you can and let your body TELL you can.



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