Why Do You Run?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Taken from Day#104

So lately, I’ve been in a sort of writer’s block (I write songs) for most of this year.   I don’t consider myself a super amazing musician, but I feel like I can write lyrics well enough and play well enough to create my own music.  I did a lot last year, but this year has been less productive.  Today, I came across an article about songwriting and it talk about writing with passion over perfection.  What passion over perfection means is that you can’t write with technicality and with the mindset of writing the “perfect” song where there is a time change here because it sounds “better” or to put in a super long solo because it makes you stand out, but you have to write with passion.
Passion isn’t something they teach you in a book either.  A good song will have emotion to it, and you write those songs because you love writing, not because you want to stand out because sometimes, those things come along.  Even if a song is simple, if it sounds good, it sounds good and you don’t have to add any weird chords or over complicate it.

This sort of relates to running in the sense that sometimes, you have to ask yourself, why do I run?  Do I do it because I want to break a record at school and leave my mark at school and be well known for running super fast?  Or do you do it because you simply love it and love to see other people love running and you love getting better because you love it?



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